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  1. Garden Gives Me Joy

    Real Peanut Butter in Lye Soap

    Happy for ideas, advice or experiences re using real creamy peanut butter in lye soap. I am guessing that it will render a very creamy lather .... perhaps that could rival avocado? My current experiment idea is the following. NaOH discount, roughly 3% Peanut butter, roughly 3% of fats. To...
  2. BattleGnome

    High Superfat

    Apparently I like exercises in futility. I want to make peanut butter soap work to some extent. I have a lot of math ahead of me but I was wondering. What the highest Superfat would be considered acceptable before the soap would physically not solidify. Can I go as high as 40% or would it be...
  3. BattleGnome

    peanut butter

    I was exceptionally overtired this morning and stayed up way too late. Somehow this gave me the inspiration for a peanut butter stout soap, I dont know why. I dont think I'll make a peanut butter stout soap but I do have some time off next week that I was planning on using to soap, at base I'd...