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here are the images.......
I would guess that because it's Primal- these are loaf molds possibly made for them or ones they make themselves. They sell the loaves for about 60 bucks a pop.
I have seen on Ebay- individial bar silicone molds that will allow you to do embeds like this but they are pretty pricy..
They make the embeds first in tube insert molds then lay the embeds in loaf molds & finish the design.

You can get the insert molds a few places. The trouble is getting the insert soap out of teh tube mold-murder I tell ya!

I have a star & a heart & they are just aweful to work w/!
Yeah Tab, i have one hellova time getting my ying yang soaps to come out to the metal mold. I wonder how hard it would be to make your own freakin embed molds? hmmmmm.......

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