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I love lightning whelks ~ it's my understanding that they are the only species that is "left handed", meaning when you are looking at the opening of the whelk, it curves in from the left. All other types of spiral species curve in from the right. And, well, birds of a feather and all that ~ lefties stick together 🤷🏼‍♀️😁
You'd be right. Other species can be lefties, but they're very, very rare. I have a big honkin' lightning whelk myself, a proper barnacled leftie at 12 inches in length 🐌

I've voted and, wow, the entries are spectacular, every single one of them. This month got away from me and I ended up only making the soaps that I HAD to make for family requests. At least I made SOME soap this month, though not a challenge soap.

Kudos to all who entered this challenge; you outdid yourselves! And, @AliOop, thank you for hosting this challenge. You were marvellous!
Just found this from the Fossil Forum in reply to my post. I posted more pictures but nobody responded.

It looks like Busycon carica. It is a species that ranges from Lower Pleistocene to recent, but today's population does not reach much further south than Cape Canaveral. I have never collected the species in the Caloosahatchee, but it could be from the Nashua, Bermont or Fort Thompson. Is there any other shells found with it?

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@Catscankim, did you know that there are several different apps that you can get on the internet (some are free) that can help you identify seashells? You download the app on your phone, take a photo, and then you get suggestions from photos others have taken of shells and which have been identified. I use PlantNet to identify flowers, plants, trees, and other vegetation. No need to wonder about nature's wonders any more!
Thanks for the challenge! I had a great time and I loved everyone's soaps~

@Momma Hoot
I'm gonna show my not-so-inner video game nerd here but your soap totally reminds me of this character 🤣

The color scheme, the maple leaf (his family name is Kaedehara, Kaede meaning 'maple'), and the breezy swirls.
Thank you AliOop for hosting the challenge! It was fun and interesting to see all the variations and ideas. The creativity always amazes me! I also want to add that it's easy sitting on the sidelines watching the challenges as individuals post their soap, but it's another thing to sign up and actually have to do it yourself. I'm glad I decided to try it. ;)

@basti I do see the similarities, that's pretty cool! :thumbup:
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Also, remember that everyone who registered can vote, even if you didn't end up submitting an entry.

Results are currently VERY close, so every vote counts!
Oh boy. I made a soap and did not get it photographed or entered. But it wasn’t that great anyway your soaps are all beautiful! Really inspiring everyone.
Awwww @Vicki C, I bet it’s waaaay better than you are giving it credit for - I agree with @KiwiMoose that all your work is beautiful. Waiting for a picture here….. (taps fingers on counter 😉😂) 🌸