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Ahh, easy in theory, however, all a second third or fourth opinion or surgeon will do is talk to my current one, compare notes, and tell me exactly what my current one is saying. I am a nurse, as well and nightmares abound. They all stick together and covered each other's tushies, just my opinion and past experiences, of course...🫤
Yep, I find they all cover each other's backsides well. I ended up with uveitis after cataract surgery over 20 yrs ago, just because I was at my boat and forgot my eyedrops I was to use several times a day. I called the office asking to call me in a prescription and the office girls told me I did not need them, I argued with her, and no go. We we 70 miles from home. By the time I got home on Monday and back to the doctor he had the nerve to tell me it was because I had not used my eye drops and my eye was severely inflamed. I found it for over two years and 3 doctors but no one would admit it was his fault.

That sucks with your shoulder. This recently with a cousin of mine who is fighting breast cancer. She had a double mastectomy but 3 years later she found another spot and showed her doctor. For another 2 yrs she complained to her doctor she was worried and was told it was nothing to be concerned with until one day her PA saw it and was instantly not happy. Well, it turned out to be a very rare form of cancer and she had to go back in.

As for Cheryl, I know she is in support groups for her other medical issues such as her Sjogren's, rheumatoid, and fibromuscular Dysplasia(FMD), not sure about the sepsis. She has been so sick I doubt it. In fact she just had another Cat scan a little while ago after finding a shadow in one lung per an x-ray. She has had several more Plasma treatments this week trying to get her platelets up to 23K. She is just not free and clear yet.

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