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  1. V

    Powered Goat + Buttermilk

    I am excited to start adding powered goat milk and buttermilk to my cold process recipes. Any advise on that? I usually do (in ounces): 15,3 lard 8.5 coconut oil 8.5 canola 1.7 castor 11 water 4.84 lye 1 fragrance oils Thank you!!!
  2. Lindsey666

    buttermilk honey oatmeal take two, much better.

    I don't mean to flood the pic gallery, but I noticed it's not super active and I simply could not wait to share. This is my third cp attempt. I replaced all the water with frozen buttermilk and slowly added the lye while the pitcher was in an ice bath. I put the mold in the fridge for an hour...
  3. J

    Milk Soap for toddler and adult with Eczema?

    Hello All, I just started making soap and I am totally hooked. My coworker mentioned that her toddler and her husband both have eczema. Right away, I offered to make them some soap! I rushed home and started googling. I thought it would be easy to find advice on the best ingredients to use...
  4. boyago

    Buttermilk Honey soap. Will it get too hot?

    So I put together this recipe and was curious if the sugars in the milk and honey would be too much and become disasterous. Any advice on calculating sugars or getting a feel for too much would appreciated. My recipe for a two pound batch is as follows: Olive Oil 20.8oz or 589.67g...
  5. Cherry Pit Soap Works

    Goat Milk and Butter Milk Powder Usage Rates?

    Hello everyone, I've read a million different things on this topic and I'm still trying to decide what the best usage rate for these two powders is. Can anyone here give me opinions on how much of these two powders to add at trace? I've heard everywhere from 1 tsp ppo to 1.5 oz per 8 oz water...
  6. Little bird

    Hard hard cp soap after insulation?

    Hello everyone, Very happy meet you all, have finally joined the forum, good to connect with kindred soapers? I am baffled just cut a new batch after insulation and it's really hard. Did the tongue test , ph strip, washed with it afte a day and all seems well but it doesn't feel right hard and...