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  1. CloudShave1487

    A Sweet Tobacco Shaving Soap

    Hey, everyone. It has been a while since I was back here, so since some things have changed, I thought I would make a new post here showing my latest creation: a Tobacco Shaving Soap. For those who are just passing by. I uploaded some photos here as an attachment. Would love to know what you...
  2. A

    Pine tar Soap question

    Hi all I am trying to make my own pine tar Soap because I absolutely love the smell of it! I have found this recipe but I'm Vegan so don't want to use the Lard, would anyone be able to help me workout what I replace it with (no palm either) I am thinking the coconut oil and Shea could be...
  3. kasandrashy


    Hi my name is Kasandra and I am from Massachusetts US but I currently live in SC. I have been soaping as a hobby for about ten years (off and on) I am planning to take my soaping hobby to the next level in 2020! I like to make my soap organic, vegan and eco conscious. :)