pine tar salt bars?

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Jun 18, 2013
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Idaho, USA
Any one try this? What percentage of PT to use? Am I crazy for even thinking about it? I imagine a seized mess but I bet the bars would be really nice.
Interesting idea! Maybe HP, though? My 25% pine tar bars are very soft - they sat in the attack in their orange juice box molds for at least 2 years before I got around to unmolding and slicing. But the salt would harden them up.
Wow, I make a 20% pin tar and they harden enough to cut within a day. They are softer then my other soaps but cure out hard in a few weeks.
I could do HP but I think I'll try CP first using 20% PT. Might get around to it later today, have to finish cleaning the fish tanks first.
Well, that was exciting. I knew PT would accelerate, especially at 20%so I mixed the salt into the oils before adding the lye so I could move fast and get it all mixed together. Added the lye solution (100% aloe juice), hand stirred and all looked well so I used the SB for maybe 10 seconds before it started getting thick. By the time I removed the SB and got it set on the counter, the batter was solid as a rock.

Using the SB was stupid, I should have just hand stirred, it probably would have been fine. I wrapped the soaping bowl in a towel hoping it would gel enough to thin out so I could get it in a mold. Sure enough, it gelled fast and hot, within 5 minutes I was able to pour it into a slab mold.

Its lumpy, looks a lot like browny batter but its in the mold! Now to watch it close so I can get it out and cut in time. Lumpy pics in awhile.
Brine bar would probably behave a bit better but I would still hand stir it in. Pine tar is just bad about causing acceleration, combined with the salt it was just too much. I would make this recipe again though, it finicky but doable.
I used a Popsicle stick but a paint stick would have been much better. Ugly pics lol. Cross your fingers I can get the stuff cut, its still hot as all get out.


Yeah, it does. Too bad it doesn't smell like brownies, or better, taste like them lol. I was able to cut just a few minutes after my last post, got a bit of crumbles but not bad at all.


Mmmm... that's making me hungry. Does it smell anything like it looks? lol

No it doesn't, smells like burnt rubber and oranges:sick:
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Eh, there isn't anything I'm not willing to try. Most any mistake can be fixed one way or the other. I used orange EO in these, I didn't measure but its probably around .50 oz PPO. The PT scent is almost non existent at this point, the orange cover it really nicely. I know the orange will never survive a long cure but at least is covered the stink.

I did a quick test wash with the crumbles. It lathered just fine, slightly brown tinted but not near as bad as coffee soap. It leaves a weird, sticky residue on the skin but once fully dry, the sticky goes away. Hopefully it will get better with a cure. If I did a repeat, I would use less PT, see if that helps with the sticky.

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