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Oct 25, 2022
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Canada, BC
Out of curiosity I'm wondering what most people SF their Pine Tar recipe. I have been using a 3% SF in the recipe I like using and have been wondering if I should try 5% or more?
I do 7% in all my soaps. I find it gives it a beautiful creamy feel.
Thank you! @MelissaG Have you tried the 7% spasticity for pine tar soap. I guess I'm wondering so much because the pine tar it's self is added in the place of an oil so I'm worried what will happen if the pine tar in the recipe doesn't completely Saponify. Would some of the pine tar it's self be left over in the SF, does this make any sense. I'm still learning alot about soap making and I love making pine tar and would like to try a higher SF.
@CLMP my understanding is that while there are some components of pine tar that do "use up" some lye, pine tar does not actually saponify, i.e., become soap. This is similar to how citric acid uses up lye, and also does not become soap.

Sorry, that doesn't answer your question about how much SF to use. I'm at 3%, which you have already tried. Maybe play around and see what you think at 7% as @MelissaG has suggested?