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  • I am in, yes. I have been busy with launching my LLC but I have 14 bars of citrus wave soap ready to ship your way. I think I missed the FO conversation; I will need a couple of days if I need to include an FO. Is it 1 oz. per person or 1 oz. total?
    I use the St Paddy's Day Lipbalm recipe from Majestic mountain sage and love it. Fits perfectly in a glass 2 cup measuring cup and makes 60 tubes.
    I'm placing an order with Aroma Haven tonight. I want their Sangria lip balm flavor for Cabs and cavs...and one or two (or 10) other things. Let me know if you want anything.

    Fos I am getting:
    Wine by Candlelight
    Raspberry Tomato Leaf
    Probably one or two from the clearence section

    I'm getting these lip balm flavors:
    Asian Pear
    Grand Marnier & Apricot
    Iced Pineapple & Tangerine
    If you have a bottle, I'd be glad to order 4 oz of a flavor oil and split that with you.
    Where in AL? I'm in Mississippi but grew up in B'ham. Loved in Mtgy twice and wife's family is in Daphne.
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