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Dec 20, 2007
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I just used this FO recently. I got it from New Directions Aromatics.

I made one pound of my regular recipe adding .9 oz of this FO.

My soap was extremely oily and you can tell by the top of the soap

that it must have been really cooking in the mold.

I don't have alot of experience with FO's. Is this what happens with

certain FO's and especially this one? I still can't cut it and it has been

over 48 hrs. It is so soft. Normally I can cut within 12 hrs.

Thanks a bunch!!! Laurie
It sounds like a separation. It could just be a fluke or it could be the FO. Unfortunately - even when a fragrance is labeled as soap safe - it doesn't mean that it will actually soap well.
Since I do the 50/50 lye aloe solution, I have a sneaking

suspicion I may have only use half the lye/aloe I needed,

hence the overabundance of oil everywhere and the softness

of my soap. The oil was leaking out of my wooden mold.

It seems I have constantly been making mistakes lately, in

every area of my life. I guess it comes in waves.

Such is life. Thanks Marr for your idea. I appreciate it.

By the way, can I rebatch and add more lye? I have never

rebatched before.
yup you can rebatch, as to how this is done in your case, Im not so sure on logistics yet (havent yet dabbled with rebatching...but I think itd be easy enough...)...I think youd just have to calculate how much lye you would have needed in the original recipe, melt the soap/oils down and then add the lye and SB/pour....could be wrong but thats my understanding as of right now??

correct me somebody if Im wrong!??!?!?!
Thanks Ian for your input. That is exactly what I am going

to do. It is only 1 lb of soap, so not big loss if it doesn't work.

I'm glad it happened to 1 lb instead of 6 lbs.
thats releaving isnt it!! :)

it will be a good experiment too, you can always learn something from every situation...thats the way i look at well....everything...!
Laurie, I have done the same thing - doubled all ingredients and forgot to double the lye/water solution. I did rebatch and it came out awesome! Yours will be fine too, just another opportunity to learn.....and the other mistakes you feel you are making in your life, small or large girl, they are learning experiences and again...things will be fine. Hangeth in there. k
Thank you so much for your kind words. I did rebatch and it turned

out just fine. It was so easy. I could get into that. Talk about mistakes,

it's always just one little thing. Like today I made chocolate chip

oatmeal cookies. I doubled everything except the flour. Well I'm

sure you can imagine what they(it) looked like, one giant, flat cookie.

Still tasted good though. I refuse to beat myself up or give up.

Anyway I didn't mean to change the direction of this thread.

Thanks Gallerygirl
I was just reading a post on a different board, about a fragrance oil totally ruining a batch, and there were tons of replies saying that lots of them, even if they claim to be safe for soap, cause huge problems.
Last year I ordered flavor oils from a site I usually don't do business with. I am sure they are diluted and depending on what they are using to dilute the product, the base could cause major problems.
It was months later that I saw a show on television showing how common it is to get diluted essential or flavor oils.
I now never buy on e-bay or small vendor who is rebottling and selling. I am sure some of them are on the up-and-up but I don't have the money or time to risk it.