Papaya Nectar and Tuberose Moss

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Sep 19, 2011
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Southern California
I got my new fo's today and just had to try them tonight. They are Anyone want to deal with a company that has the best customer service it is them. Paige is a sweetie and so accommodating, and I had my new fo's in 2 days. She also has flat rate shipping and if there is ever a problem she will fix it. Back to the fo's, the Papaya Nectar smells fantastic and she states it holds well. Time will tell, but I am betting it does. Tuberose Moss is interesting to say the least, I will have to wait to judge it after if cures out. Right now I don't love it nor do I really dislike it. Both seemed like they will soap okay. I was working with a fast moving recipe so they did accelerate moderately but were manageable. Also got me a new bottle of Caribbean coconut since I finally figured out how to soap it without it becoming crazy hot before I could even get it into the freezer. I used chilled lye, room temp oils, chilled the fragrance and my mold, for the first time it behaved quite well
I really like and Paige as well. Carolyn, I have only tried tuberose moss in mp, but liked it there. I also loved the color of it in mp, dark but kind of cool and mysterious and suited the fragrance. Will have to test it in cp now.
I actually added in a little Tuberose fo to it, because I wanted a little more tuberose smell to it. If you like Black Raspberry Vanilla Paige has a fantastic one. Not sure if it is "still out of stock" on the site but she does have it back in stock. Her BRV does not discolor or accelerate so it is a lot of fun to work with colors