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Nov 14, 2010
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Amazing customer service and Susan is sooo sweet!!
Early last week I placed a small order after Irishlass posted about their OMH FO. In addition to the OMH, I ordered more of their Peche de Vigne FO (because it's beyond yummy in lotion and I NEVER want to run out of this stuff!!), and a small bottle of their "I'm Your Huckleberry" flavor oil because the name tickled my funny bone - my husband loves the movie "Tombstone" :) I got the package in just a few days time but I didn't have time to open it last week before my weekend shift at the hospital. So I opened the package this afternoon and it was someone else's much more expensive order!! I called immediately to let them know that I had it and I would ship it back to them. Susan was a total sweetheart, saying "I was just getting ready to call you to tell you that I was shipping your items today. I'm so sorry that I mixed up the orders!" and she refused my offer to ship the order I received back to them. I told her that I hadn't opened the bottles because they obviously weren't mine so they were still sealed AND still in the bag and she refused! I was like "Girl...this is highway robbery on my part if I keep this stuff! It's more that double the cost of what I actually ordered; that's just not right!" But she laughed and said that if made me feel any better the person who received MY order fell totally in love with the Peche de Vigne FO and wondered where this FO had been all her life :) Yep, I know that feeling! I felt the same way the first time I smelled it as well!!! I told her that both the Peche de Vigne and the OMH had been highly recommended by someone on this forum and she was delighted, so:
Susan sends you a virtual hug and her heartfelt thanks and gratitude for recommending her company!
I'm now the happy owner of large bottles of Mysore Sandalwood, German Chamomile Tea, and La Fleur FOs. I can't wait to soap with them and use them in other products because they all smell crazy good!!!


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Mar 2, 2014
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Arizona, USA
That's exactly the type of customer service that will keep you (and the other person) a customer for life! I've never ordered from them but this story makes me want to run over to her website and shop, lol. Thanks for sharing such a positive, heartwarming story cerelife! (Honestly, I think I really need Peche de Vigne in my life;))


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Feb 11, 2008
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Right here, silly!
Awe.....((((hugs)))) back to her! The same kind of thing happened to me one of the first few times I ever shopped with OT years ago, only my story involved an indy 3-D soap mold instead of FO. I was going to ship the mold back, which was not a part of my order but somehow came in my box, but Susan told me to go ahead and keep it. I tried to protest, but to no avail- she was firm that I should keep it, so I did. And I love it- it's one of my favorite indy molds. :)

I really like her Peche de Vigne, too, and also the German Chamomile Tea.

IrishLass :)

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