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Nov 15, 2018
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Hi everyone,

I've often purchased my EOs from Camden Grey in the past. For the first time, I'm having some trouble and wondering if anyone else is experiencing problems.

On Nov 25, 2023, I placed an order; all items were shown as in stock.
On Dec 5, they reached out to me to say:

Thanks for your order. We’re writing to you about Sweet Orange 5 Fold, this product is out of stock and has now become difficult to obtain. We’re in the process of obtaining Sweet Orange 6 Fold, a supply should arrive at our warehouse the week of 12/11/23. Please let us know (1) if we hold the order until the 6 Fold variety arrives (2) or we ship the order now without this oil and issue a refund (3) or we ship this oil separately upon arrival, new S&H applies. We look forward to your reply and apologize for this unexpected turn of events.

I responded immediately that I preferred a refund (because I didn't want to pay extra S&H for something that was supposedly in stock when I ordered it). They wrote back to say:

Thanks for replying. We ran the shipping costs for two shipment and have decided we’ll be able to ship Sw. Orange later at our expense once it arrives at our warehouse. If this is not OK with you, please notify us.

I wrote back again to accept their offer, which as I remind you, stated that the product would be in stock on Dec 11 - three months ago!! Since that time I've received no product, and no response to multiple emails. When I tried to call them today, their message said to reach out through their website. I'm giving them one more day before I open a dispute with my credit card company.

Has anyone else had trouble with them lately?
UPDATE with their response that just came in:

Ms. ____, we checked our records which confirm we did not ship to you the Orange 5-fold EO exactly as you mentioned. We apologize for this error on our part. Previous emails from you ended up in our Spam folder.

If you want us to ship 15 oz. of Orange 6-fold, which is what’s now in stock, we can do so tomorrow and we’ll include free 3.5 oz. of the same oil.

We await your reply. Please accept our apologies.

I gratefully accepted their offer as I do need this EO for some products that a friend has ordered. I also accepted their apology since I do understand how spam folders can mess things up somethings. Just happy that it is now resolved!
All's well that ends well, I guess. I wonder if they have a google search alert and picked up your post here? Their response seems exceptionally, um, timely :)

I do think it is good that they did not charge you additional S&H to send you what you ordered in the first place, I might have been reluctant to order from them again in that situation. Are their EO's really good? Have never ordered from them.
I really do love their quality and have never had issues with them before.

I also wondered the same about them having someone on here who saw it. Because I did use their contact form to reach out, and also responded on their email thread. I wouldn’t think either of those would go to spam, but I want to give them the benefit of the doubt. Life is happier that way. 😊
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Same here, Carolyn, and that’s what made me think that my other emails really did go to Spam. I’ve ever had a hint of any issue with them before, not with quality, shipping, service, etc.
Update, the oils arrived today via FedEx. Not only did they comp me an extra 4 oz of the oil that I ordered, they also included some nice sample items (an FO and an oxide). I figured the least I could do was give a shout out to the positive ending and a great way to ensure a happy return customer.

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