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Nov 27, 2007
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I have made several batches of soap today....having a good day of it, until the last batch. I was slowly adding the gm and using the stick blender when I heard a thunderous sound on my stairs and then the screaming....it was my grandson taking a tumble. As everyone did, I dropped everything and rushed to him...was only gone 30 seconds, hubby had gotten there and had control and shooed me away....I came back....soap has set. :( :shock: I did a difficult, quick stir and slopped the mess in my mold. sigh. Grandson alright (thank God) Soap....remains to be seen. k
Wow, K, I'm sure glad your grandson is OK! Soap will be OK too, I'm sure. Give that little guy a big hug, and when that batch has cured, a bar has his name on it! :lol:

Paul :)
So glad to hear that your grandson is okay. Kids sure can scare you, can't they? Anyway, if you don't like the look of your soap...just rebatch it. I've had some great soaps come out of rebatches. I love rebatching. Matter of fact, I'm going to rebatch some scraps, tonight. Can we get some pics of your batches? I love looking at people's soaps. Not enough pictures.
Glad hes ok...Ive taken many a tumble down stairs some fun...some not so fun lol.... I used to put a mattress on the bottom of the stairs (well maybe like my brothers (2 of them) and I ...alll of our mattresses)...and then we would jump all the way down the stairs onto the mattresses...had my head go through the wall once like that-ouch!!...

I think i did a cartwheel down the stairs at one point too..not intentionally, i dont know if anyone in their right mind would be able to do that but somehow i walked out of that one on my feet lol...

but glad hes ok!...

as for the soap, see what happens when it sets!..dont be afraid of the rebatch like cici said :)
Oh, gosh, I'm sorry. What timing for your soap but I'm glad he was okay.
Oh geez.......heart stopping event and set soap. Thank goodness both are okay!!

Okay Ian.....you are absolutely forbidden to talk to my grandson. lol :lol: I don't want him to get any ideas. He is fine today, I expected a bruise, but nothing - a scrape that isn't too bad. sigh. So far, between my three sons and my grandson, we have had 4 broken arms, 5 sets of stitches. I think my one son may be a bit of a daredevil like you Ian....he was using a wagon to "surf" down a hill, broken arm out of that one.

Soap looks like blueberry cobbler and smells like lilac. I will post pics soon. Thanks everyone!!! God is good and in the details. k
lol yeahhh Ive done the wagon thing too...i think it comes from missing sledding when theres no snow!! My 2 bros and I would pile into a wagon that was definitely too small and had bad steering..lol then go down the street on it, granted it wasnt too steep but we made a few tumbles!! I also used to go down the stairs with sleds too lol...ayeee ... lol yeah you dont want your son reading these ideas!!

Glad kids are resilient :) Glad he came out unscathed!!

One thing I thought was cool psychologically (remember i was a psych major :))...was pertaining to pain threshold. A child develops this threshold when theyre young, so the thing that happened to them (broke bone) that hurt the worst is the "max" setting for pain which they compare all other experiences to in their lives.. oh it doesnt hurt as bad as i when I...etc...so My theory is, let him get all the bumps, bruises and such (hopefully not too many broken bones) that he can while hes young, and hell be tougher when hes older :)

just my theory :)

The little Chinese takeout box is filled with spa goodies for my mom for mothers day....
the soaps are lemongrass and the lilac "disaster" k
Aww they dont look that bad...Id wash with them :) I love lilac, how does it smell with lemongrass??

Of course if you wanted to take it off the deep end...paste some googlie-eyes on them and call them "Alien Soap" ...lol Im sure If I saw that with googlie eyes on them and I didnt know it was soap Id think it was a alien that if I got wet would unfold out of its lil box shape and eat me :lol: :lol:

(just trying to make ya smile!! :) )

Handmade soaps are 'natural' they arent supposed to look like a cookie cutter soap! (at least IMHO ;) )

Much love!

hows you kid doing?? still holding up well? sometimes bruises take a day or two to show up (I know from experience) ...although its weird I dont really bruise now at all unless I get hit HARD...
Nice soapies. You will probably never get soap that looks that way again.

They turned out pretty nice for freezing up on ya. Bet they've got a great lather. The lilacs are really interesting. I wouldn't rebatch those.
Hey Ian, the lemongrass are the bars on top and the lilac are the lower bars, I didn't mix them together. The lemongrass is awesome. Cici, I am not going to rebatch, I am going to keep them as is. They smell wonderful and I think after the first time you wash with them, they will lose their ruffness on top.
Grandson is fine....didn't even milk it. He's a tough little guy. k
good stuff!! That will be some awsome marblization once they roughness is worn down...almost reminds me of amethyst crystals :)

I think those soaps are absolutely beautiful. If I hadn't heard of the disaster, I would think the 'ruffy-ness was a wonderful design. I would be here in my kitchen trying to replicate! Glad your not gonna rebatch. They look marvelous!