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Bella Bella

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Jan 2, 2024
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So I’ve made these before, 3 times before to be exact and I’ve never had a result like this. Just pulled them out of the oven after 12+ hours and cut them.

This is made with our Traditional recipe (tallow soap plus some other oils), colored with turmeric, Cardamom essential oil for scent.

Everything looked fine and well mixed when I poured it in. I soaped at about 120F since it was a simple one color pour.

I am confused….
Can you please elaborate on what you find confusing? Not having seen your prior efforts, I don't know what you consider normal and how this deviates.


This is what I was expecting, maybe lighter, maybe darker but this.

That’s how it’s always looked, the 3 other times.
Someone with more knowledge will hopefully provide more insight, but to me it just looks like maybe your fragrance wasn't fully blended in. The greenish middle may very well darken and even out as it cures and loose the green tinge. The lighter areas may darken too as it cures, but my only suggestion is that it looks like uneven mixing of the fragrance.

I don't use EOs, so I don't know if they age and possibly create unpredictable coloring. Pretty soap though, and I bet it smells divine!