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Apr 26, 2016
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I haven't bought supplies in a while due to financial difficulties, but after making a personal batch of lipstick today I went to look at different mica colors only to find the website I used to use, The Conservatorie, no longer seems to exist.

I've done some searching, but does anyone has a tried and true mica supplier with a decent selection? Everything I've found either is too expensive, located outside of the US (so shipping is outrageous), or the selection is very limited.
Try nurture soap supplies.

One of the most beautiful gifts I received from Someone on the forum was some micas from them. The website is great, they show you the colours already made into CP soap and M & P (although they don't tell you the rates used but I imagine it's the max of their suggested range), the vibrance range are bright and fantastic, they seem pretty cheap compared to Aussie prices and they currently have a sale on.
I just took a quick look and it looks like they have a really good selection and prices similar to what I was paying with the other site. Thank you so much!
Many of Nurture's are lip/eye safe, stating in the product descriptions. I've used them in lip balm as well as soap. They have lovely stuff.
The good thing about nurture is they show samples of their micas on CP and M&P soap on their website and they are accurate.

All micas look beautiful in a jar but mixing them in CP is a totally different matter.
Micas and more is a group buy system that is only open for one week a month and then the orders are shipped a couple weeks later. The micas are awesome and reasonable. Would highly recommend them