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Jan 15, 2013
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I am very new to CP soap making. I made my first small batch yesterday. I got a trace when I used my stick blender to mix the lye with the oils. But my Lye was luke warm. Now I am worried my soap won't turn out OK. Will is set? and if it doesn't set what can I do to to make it in to a successful bar?

My first batch recipe:

Lard 100.00g 20.00%
Olive Oil 300.00g 60.00%
Sunflower Oil 100.00g 20.00%
honey 1tbs
almond 2tbs
tea tree fragrance oil 1tsp
4% Lye (Sodium Hydroxide) Amount 64.704g
Grams of liquid 165.00g

I used a lye calc.
What do you think? Think it will yield a good bar?
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Your numbers check out. Lukewarm should be fine. That's how I soap almost all of my batches. With that much olive oil & sunflower though, it might take a little longer for your soap to harden up, so just give it a day or so.
Thank you

Thank you for your reply :wave:. I checked my soap today and I was able to take it out of the molds. :) Made me feel kind of excited. I cant wait for 6 weeks to pass so I can try it out.

yesterday I made some Lavender soap. I was able to take that out of the molds today and now is on kitchen roll proofing. Smells delightful :D.
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The temp of the lye isn't important on its own. It's as long as it's within 10 degrees F or so of the temp of the oils when you combine the two. I do room temp soaping so my lye isn't hot either, and it's always been fine. Post some pics of your new soapies! :)