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  1. BodyWasher

    Mixing CP soap by shaking bottles

    Hi, I recently picked up Dunn's Scientific Soapmaking and he recommended mixing soap in polypropylene (PP) plastic bottles for small batches instead of going at it with a stick blender in a bowl or crockpot. The good news is that it worked! I made several different single oil soaps this way, 1...
  2. chirag_jj

    Soap SUNK in MIDDLE - CP

    URGENT!! SOS I made my very first batch of 100% coconut oil soap (in loaf mould). An hour after putting the batter in the mould, the soap solidified BUT the middle portion of the top part sunk a bit ... Is there any solution or a way to prevent this?? COLD PROCESS 100% Coconut Oil 28% of Oil...
  3. P

    CP soap gained weight!

    Hi guys, I know that a common method to check whether a CP soap is done curing is by weighing it - once it stops losing weight, aka the water stops evaporating, you're good to go. Now, I'm having a pretty unusual issue, at least I haven't heard of it before. My soap was made with 1.1 : 1...
  4. Tuftyloves

    So discouraged about unincorporated lye

    I’ve been making and selling soap for two years and now and all of a sudden I’m having issues with unincorporated lye. The bars as a whole feel great and normal so I know it’s not a problem with my recipe (it’s been my tried and true for over a year) but I get unincorporated lye all of a sudden...
  5. DomTheDillyHoo

    Yogurt Soap

    Hello! How do I go about making cold processed yogurt soap? When do I add it? How much do I add (PPO)? What does it do to the soap? Anything I should know before making yogurt soap to anyone who has already made yogurt soap? Thanks!
  6. IMG_7649.JPG


    More pale yellow spots
  7. WhittanyWho

    Beer and Hard Cider Soaps

    These behaved better than any beer soaps I’ve ever made before. I’m just a little excited at how these turned out. This one is made with truck stop honey ale, scented in Kentucky bourbon, and colored with mad micas. This one is made with angry orchard hard cider, scented in an Aqua di gio...
  8. Cuts that speak to me.jpg

    Cuts that speak to me.jpg

    A collage of some of the soaps from recently departed brother soap project. These cuts are among the ones that speak to me.
  9. A Sampling of beveled bars from the Spin Swirl -> Spoon Swirl - Brother soap

    A Sampling of beveled bars from the Spin Swirl -> Spoon Swirl - Brother soap

    2 square bars from the Spin Swirl -> Spoon Swirl - Brother soap
  10. A Sampling of beveled bars from the Spin Swirl -> Spoon Swirl - Brother soap

    A Sampling of beveled bars from the Spin Swirl -> Spoon Swirl - Brother soap

    Sample of bars after bevel from the Spin Swirl -> Spoon Swirl - Brother soap
  11. Spin Swirl -> Spoon Swirl disorganized & chaotic cutting of non-uniform bars

    Spin Swirl -> Spoon Swirl disorganized & chaotic cutting of non-uniform bars

    Multiple Bars from Spin Swirl -> Spoon Swirl soap representing my recently deceased brother, The disorganized method of cutting - multiple sizes & shapes, as well as designs within the swirls represent his nature so well, its uncanny.
  12. Spin Swirl -> Spoon Swirl as the cut begins

    Spin Swirl -> Spoon Swirl as the cut begins

    After Spoon Swirl which followed a Spin Swirl, starting the cut
  13. Spin Swirl slab

    Spin Swirl slab

    Spin Swirl before Spoon Swirl
  14. veron

    Extra stages in cold process soap

    Hi, I have the following steps in mind: 1. Prepare the soap base without perfume or color. 2. Allow the saponification to complete and lose a certain amount of water. 3.Add color and perfume. 4. Use an extrusion machine or some type of meat grinder to refine the soap. 5.Press soap. The...
  15. lenarenee

    HELP - My Soap Has an Oil Pool!

    Did anyone run that recipe through a calculator? If it’s not a safe recipe to start with, rebatching won’t help. (I’ll see if I have time tonight to do that)
  16. U

    Differences for Florida CP vs less humid areas?

    Hi everyone! I am a cp soap maker in Virginia and have been lurking here for a few months. The info here is so good so thank you! My family is thinking of moving to Florida from Virginia (we used to live there but had to move due to work). I am concerned about how the change of weather will...
  17. Jibbian

    I think coconut milk powder turned my soap pink?

    Edit: Photo added... it's hard to see when the soap is dry though. I REALLY noticed it when I was using the soap in the shower—the inside had definitely morphed pink. I recently made a plain white soap with coconut milk powder and poppy seeds. It's been curing a couple of months, and I notice...
  18. D

    Seamoss: Will it survive?

    I am preparing to make a seamoss soap for the first time. I've prepared a seamoss gel to incorporate into the soap as part of my water weight. I am aware that many people have successfully made seamoss soap but I'm wondering if it's a good use of expensive seamoss. My concern is that the sodium...
  19. GGWP

    EU-based CP newbie here :)

    Hello, everyone! I wanted to first say hi before asking any questions in the forum :) I've already read some threads and am fascinated with the great community here! I am a fellow soapmaking newbie residing in the Netherlands. I discovered this passion of mine just recently and I am so excited...
  20. R

    EO in Hot Process vs Cold Process

    I've read in a few places that EO's last longer in hot process soap because they don't come in contact with any lye that can break them down, leaving only the scent and none of the benefits. Is there any truth to this? Is this something that could actually be tested (or has been) or is it...