Does anyone (can you?) buy premixed lye solution for cold process soap in the UK?

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May 20, 2024
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I am wondering whether it is possible to buy premixed lye solution to make cold process soap, to reduce the risk of sodium hydroxide beads getting into places and reduce exposure to fumes during the lye mixing process.

Has anyone done this before and are there any places you can buy premixed lye solution from in the UK?
Can't speak specifically about the UK, but I know 50% NaOH solution is widely used in industry worldwide.

But just because a big chemical plant can order whole railroad tank cars of 50% NaOH solution doesn't mean this liquid is sold in small containers for small-batch soap making.

That is unrealistic, if for no other reason than the hazard and additional cost of shipping liquid NaOH solution by mail or small-package delivery systems. It's actually safer to transport dry NaOH.
I've seen older YT videos where Hong Kong soapers appeared to be using lye solution that was sold to them premixed. Nothing in the UK, however.

I wouldn't worry too much about stray lye beads. It's not any more dangerous than cleaning with bleach or other harsh cleaning products. If you are careful when measuring and mixing, you won't have strays. I like to mix mine in the sink. That way, if any beads do escape, they are easily washed down the drain. :)
Not in the UK but wanted to share my premixed lye water story.

My very first soapy experience was a workshop that used premixed lye water. The instructor used a totally different way of calculating the recipe from what I now use based on lye calculators. (I went to 2 soap workshops by the same instructor.)

The recipe was for a 200g bar. It called for:
Hard oil: 100g CO
Soft oil: 5% of hard oil which is 5g (we had options of OO, sunflower, rice bran)
Additives: 1% (Oatmeal, EO, cocoa powder, etc)
15% Lye water was from this supplier -

The soap turned out to be soap. Traced and gelled. But after that when I did my research, I couldn't understand how the workshop used a 15% lye water since I use at least double of that strength.

Months later when I made my own soaps using lye calculator recipe, I spoke to the instructor and she was very surprised my soap turned out well. That made me wonder for a while whether there was a "secret" hidden way of making soap? She mentioned the "western" way of making soap is different since we're in a different climate in Asia. I was thinking like whuuut?!???

Anyway, I wouldn't buy premixed lye water. If I had bought from that website, I would be spending more than 20x the amount I would spend buying dry lye beads and distilled water. (I mix mine in the shower so I can spray over the floor afterwards.) I was initially put off soap making by the cost of supplies the instructor recommended. But I did my research and here I am, 11 months later, with more soap than I can use.
Yes, some suppliers in the UK offer premixed lye solutions for cold process soap making. Check online soap making supply stores or local craft stores for availabilit

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