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  1. A

    Recipe Adjustments and Preventing Gel

    I prefer to prevent gel in my soap. I haven't managed to do it successfully (yet), but I'm still striving for that non-gelled look. I don't care for the translucent look of gelled soap - I really want my soap to look creamy. I have read and watched professional Soapers who say if you prevent...
  2. Techie Joe

    Is SoapCalc for Hot or Cold Process?

    I have read that Hot and Cod processes use up different amounts of water during making, how can we account for this in SoapCalc? How would we know about the difference in evaporation rates, etc? Is there a general guide / rule of thumb that we can follow for hot and cold?
  3. Techie Joe

    Second Batch today - Beef tallow with coconut sauce

    I love eating out. Usually the food is nicely cooked and flavorsome, but today I will be cooking this batch from home. I haven't decided on the exact recipe yet but I'm sure it will be delicious. I got some eucalyptus globus yesterday so I will adding a few drops so that the soap smells better...
  4. I

    Tutorial - How to make cold and hot process soap

    Tried to make this tutorial as comprehensive as possible. Walks you through the whole process - ingredients, equipment, simple recipes etc
  5. S

    Lye was cold

    I am very new to CP soap making. I made my first small batch yesterday. I got a trace when I used my stick blender to mix the lye with the oils. But my Lye was luke warm. Now I am worried my soap won't turn out OK. Will is set? and if it doesn't set what can I do to to make it in to a...