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Jan 9, 2017
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Sandhills of North Carolina
A quick review.... I am horrible about describing smells. I will try.

Awesome shipping time. Scents are strong.

I am only reviewing these for bath bombs, salts.

Keeping It Fluffy- my daughters 1st pick to make bombs .
Smelled better in my BB mix than pure out of bottle. Not sickly sweet. Kids like sweet.

Sikkim Sirens- Very potent. Used this on Valentine bombs. Used less than 11/2 tablespoon per 4 cups dry weight for bath bombs. Sensual scent.

Alkmar- not as strong as one listed above. More floral, light.

I used these 3 first due do being out of the bath business for a stretch. In case of a goof. These were my least favorite oob

Favorites oob:
Decay- flowery bUT has depth
China Rain-very clean
Trichomanic-I looove this coconut scent but winter now.
Aromatherapy Relaxation - smells a bit like a air freshener in a public bathroom. Not bad. May change with a base.

I have a few others to review. Don't pass judgment until used in a product. Like I said, these were used for bombs.

I would rate this comany an A. Excellent communication and shipping speed. I will update as I use more of their oils in my bombs.