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Aug 1, 2013
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I made a fragrance blend I LOVE, and would like to mix it with some lotion base. The lowest percentage of usage of the mix is 5%. I intend to mix it with 70 ml of lotion. Is 3.5 ml the correct amount?
Are you going to start lower though? The math is right and I only ask because I've found 5% scent in lotion to be too much. I start with 1% and usually use 2% max. So I'd start at 0.7 ml and work my way up. :)
I was using a calculator, but I was not sure how to set the problem up.

I am starting with 70 ml of lotion in a larger container, so I can add lotion until the scent gets to a level I like. So, yes, Krista, I am afraid of the amount also.