how do I post pics????

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Nov 27, 2007
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I am completely an idiot with posting pics. Can someone tell me, in very simple terms, how to? Thanks kel
go to the browse button below this window, hit it and find the pic you want. Once it is selected hit the "host it" button. You will get an image shack window, it will give you a path to the pic. copy and paste the path into this window after you select Img button, and follow it by a Img button again. do a preview before submitting and the pic should be there

Cool, it worked! I did not know it could be done like this Dragon! Thank you! I use another image host, but this is much easier! Oh this is my new multi-adjustable log cutter. :wink:

Paul... :)
Yea, it comes with the blade, but if you have one, I can take a few dollars off the price for you!
My blade I buy is not really "sharp" in the since it has a honed edge on it, but it cuts CP great. If yours has a sharpened edge, it will work better on M&P. Thanks Dragon for the help with downloading pics!

Paul... :) :wink:
Hey gallery girl, I've been having trouble with my image shack account. If that happens to you too (I hope it won't, but if it does) you can also use photobucket. I would love to see your pics.

Paul!!!!! I love your new cutter. :D How can I get one? Does it clean up easily? I'm using a very primitive cutter right now and I sometimes get soap flakes on it and it doesn't clean up well. I made it myself (and therein lies the problem). Also can you make it with a wire cutter, or do you find that the wire cutter is too complicated. I like the fact that it's adjustable. O.K. I'll stop rambling now. :)
forget how to post photos!!!!!!!!!!!!! :wink: Look at the cutter!!!! :shock:
lol. I will try posting, thanks for the guidance!!! Paul - that cutter is the bomb!! k