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Feb 5, 2024
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Hello, I’m new in this cold process soap making world, and I hope you guys can help me. Yesterday, I made an avocado soap, and put it to the oven right after finishing it. This morning, I forgot to tell my hubby that the soap was in the oven and he turned it on and burnt the soap. Can I do something with it? I think I can rebatch it with the HP but just want to reconfirm with you yall experts! Thanks!
I burnt my soap once, a little more than you did here, I scorched the top of the soap and the plastic mold turned brownish, warped a little, and started to smoke. It was a disaster.

Anyhow, I was able to salvage the soap, just sliced off the top burned part, and the mold was damaged but useable... but both had a very very very strong and unpleasant burned smell, so in the end I discarded both.

Yours appears to have sunken though, not sure why. Hopefully someone else will have more helpful information.

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