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Aug 27, 2007
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As mentioned in the "is 2007 over?" post...




After the high winds last Sunday (Dec 23rd)...




The power had gone out around 3:30 am Sunday morning. It came right back on, but it was enough to wake me up. I could hear the wind outside, so I went to check on the lean-to. It was gone. I went to get my glasses, just in case I was seeing things. Nope, it was gone. I ran to wake up my husband, get dressed and ran outside. I didn't know if the fence/gate were still up until I flipped on the garage flood lights. Somehow, it did not pull down the fence. The fence was stretched, the top connector by the gate was cracked, but not completely broken. The electric connectors were torn loose, but that's ok. The horses were freaked, but fine.


The metal from the roof is torn.


Other pieces are inverted.



It tore the binding off the sides.


This is the only fence damage, not counting the broken connector. The fence has been tightened in this photo. We did that in at least 60 mph winds.


The t-posts still remain. One is bent beyond repair, the other two are now in the fence line. It took off the white toppers, those have been replaced in this photo as well.


Standing next to where it once stood, this is where it landed. It went 225 feet and did not damage anything in it's path. There are a few drag/rub marks in the grass, but nothing major.


So now my horses have no shelter. Since the ground has refrozen, we can't do anything right now. We plan on extending the fence into the woods and building a proper lean-to in the spring.

The company we got the lean-to from did not provide us with proper anchors, hence the t-posts. The anchors sent were way too short, and she was supposed to send me photos of how hers were set up. She never did.

We are extremely lucky that nothing was hurt and the horses didn't get loose. They are handling the weather just fine. They didn't really use the lean-to that often anyway, but still. Just the sight of it makes me sick. That thing weighs around 1000 lbs. We're going to keep the fabric/tarp pieces and the metal will be scrapped.
Good golly, Bret! This is awful - for you and your poor horses! Must have been some strong winds! Do you get tornadoes where you are? What a fright you must have had! Glad nobody was hurt.
Incredible, isn't it? I curse at it every time I go to the barn to get hay. This year has seemed quite windy. There is a 20-ish acre empty field that is next to the pasture where it stood. The wind really picks up across there. The winds had to be around 60-70 mph. We don't normally have tornados, but we did have micro-bursts earlier this year.
Outside, where they did before. They only really used the lean-to as a wind block. They were rarely in it. Those silly horses stand in the middle of the pasture when it's raining. They're much hardier than we give them credit for.

Our barn is not set up for stalls yet, it just stores hay right now.