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Feb 14, 2008
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Ok so as promised here are the pictures of maddar root swirls. It is a really nice reddish color. Just a little goes a long way. I scented this one with cinnamon buns FO.....smells yummy!

can't add piccies to post......please help!

I am having real trouble getting my piccies into a post. I have followed the instructions, but I just get the code showing, but not the actual pix, what am I doing wrong?

oops, sorry to hijack your post, this should have been a new topic!!
your soap look fab by the way!
Maddar root is a powder....Depending on how much you use it can turn your soap pink or red. It's a nice color in person...I'm not sure the picture does it justice.

Joanne, they look great!! Ok now youve got me convinced..Ive got to buy some!!!

They do remind me of cinnamon buns too!! :)

Im going to start placing orders as soon as I get some free $$...trying to save for an apt right now ...ayeee I hate waiting!! Ive got such a long list of stuff Im going to buy !!!

have you found any other herbs and such youd like to use for colorants??? I have been looking more into clays since theyre inert and a few books on herbs for dyeing (not with soap...for clothes) but I need to do tests on how those dyes hold up through the lye process!!

Im so happy that worked out for you! got me excited now :)

EDIT: I dont think pics ever do the color justice...Id assume the color is more like the soaps that the front two are propped up against than the front two-in person???
I have a whole bunch lined up and ready to go....just have to find the time to make them all. Hopefully this weekend I will get several batches made. I will post pics after they are cut.