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May 6, 2015
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I will be traveling to FL in a couple of weeks. I'll be in the Tampa and the Venice area. Any fun places to go to find soaps and other treasures? If any of you sell in the area (stores, markets, etc.) I'd love to try to go see/pick up some of your goodies. That is, of course, if I can convince the 'others' that this would be a fun way to spend a day. (Disclaimer: Call me crazy, but I'm going to visit with friends, one of which I haven't seen in 40 years. I may be looking for diversions.)
I'm not sure what's over that way soaping wise. I don't know of any soapers that way... Are there any events going on that weekend?

I know there's a little shop in the jaxsonville area (far, I know). Essential depot is in Sebring (that would be a few good hours away). Also, if it happens to be the weekend of the races, STAY AWAY from Sebring!!! Hah, sorry, it's basically an excuse to be a lil crazy for 4 days!

Mad oils is in west palm beach and Camden grey is in Miami. Both are not open to the public but, I've picked up an order directly from mad oils and met some of the ladies there. They are a delight. Sorry... Also far!
a Enjoy your trip! We were there at Disney over Labor Day. I saw a brochure from a mummy exhibit I really wanted to do. We didn't have time - we were exhausted!

Where are you from?

Are you planning to spend any time at Disney? If so, you may enjoy a tour of the Epcot greenhouses:

You should also try to get some local orange honey. It comes from hives near or in the orange orchards. OMG!!

Seafood, of course. Not BBQ. As an Alabamian I have very strong feelings about BBQ.
Oh yes, orange blossom honey is amazing. Down in the keys I got to try honey made from all kinds of pollination sources. Avocado blossom honey was sooooo horrible. Orange blossom was good and mild. I can't remember the others since its been a few years. I just remember avocado was gross...

Tampa is a little far from the orchards and such but if you find a brand called Davidson of Dundee, they have very good honey, jams and jellies. I don't see them in regular stores though. You'd have to look in little shops and such!

I'm sure you'll have a great time! There is a lot to see! Try the Tampa aquarium if you like Aquariums it's ones of my favorites.

I met up with a friend I hadn't seen in 12 years (we were 10 the last time we saw each other) and we went to Disney together a few months ago. I think 8+ hours together doing everything at a park was a little much. As long as you take some time for you and don't try to cram in too much I think you will have a great time with the friends you are going to visit. I also think a group setting is going to help with buffering conversation and interaction so that's a great thing.
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Dixie, I'm from Minnesota. It will be nice to be in the warm south for a week.

I will definitely look for orange blossom honey! I love honey, and that sounds really good. I'm not really looking to pick up supplies. I just thought if any of you were selling somewhere, I'd go see about buying a little soap. Because, you know, you can never have too much. And it would be fun to try something that a SMF member created.

I won't be going to Disney this trip. I moved quite a bit as a kid. Through FB, I have reconnected with some way back friends and will be seeing one in the Tampa area (high school, haven't seen for over 40 years), and we will be meeting up with the sister of a friend who has since passed away in Clearwater one day. I don't know what to expect there, and am a little nervous - as well as excited to see them. In Venice, I will be visiting a friend from Jr. High, who I have seen recently as they still live in Minnesota, but winter in Florida. Hopefully, we (Venice friend and I) will also be able to meet up with another friend who lives in Sebring. However her father is very ill, so I'm not sure if that will happen. I haven't seen her since...wow - 1973?

Thanks for the replies!
If you want to visit Disney but don't want to do the whole Disney thing, Epcot is a good one. It has my favorite night time show. It's the biggest of the parks so it's (slightly) less crowded. The food is really good - my favorite food is Morocco in the World Showcase is good. Sunshine Seasons - same building as Soarin' is also very good! Also, Soarin' is there, my single most-ess favoritest ride! Get there when the gates open and head RIGHT for Soarin, so no line!

Whoops, posted before I saw your comment about No Disney. Generally, you can find Florida Orange Honey (and citrus) at gas stations. Not the ones in Tampa itself, but get about 30 minutes outside of Tampa and you'll find weather-beaten gas stations with crates of citrus out front and maybe a tank of baby alligators inside! Remember when alligators were endangered and super-duper protected?

Also, you should try some boiled peanuts. Also usually at gas stations. If you luck out and pass an old guy in overalls making them on the side of the road, buy those. They are THE BEST.

Once, driving back from a trip to the lake, we passed a guy selling boiled peanuts AND fresh pork rinds. But that's like finding a four leaf clover.
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As for other treasures, you can visit Big Cat Sanctuary. They offer tours (the feeding tours are the best because all the animals are more active at dinner time) and have a nice gift shop.

They are a non profit that rescues tigers, lions, cougars, bobcats and the like from abusive private owners. I have been there, and it is amazing to see.
I like Indigo Bee as well. Ybor City has a new-ish shop a friend told me about called Jade Soap, and she liked it. Also a cool side trip in Apollo Beach is the Manatee Viewing Center...it's pretty awesome this time of year.
I like Indigo Bee as well. Ybor City has a new-ish shop a friend told me about called Jade Soap, and she liked it. Also a cool side trip in Apollo Beach is the Manatee Viewing Center...it's pretty awesome this time of year.

We are going to see manatees, although I'm not sure where. I'm pretty excited about that! I will have to put Ybor on my list. I'll have time to stop on my way from Tampa to Venice, or maybe after Venice on my way back to the airport. Sounds like a fun spot.