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Jul 25, 2007
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Could anybody turn me on to a really great supplier for M & P bases? I've been using Go Planet Earth, (I do like their bases, and they actually put the ingredients on them), but I really have no idea if they are the best, most cost effective. I know, I know. I need to shop and compare. Trust me! I have been, to the extent that I believe I'm developing a permanent warp in my neck! Tips? :)

Also...dyes. There's something to give you a headache. There are so many different kinds...quite unlike the little squeeze tubes you get at the craft stores. Any good places for these? I've tried chips, (like these, actually), and got a large sample of "soap paints/gels," (don't really like these as much). Are there other options?

The company I give my buisness to, the customer service I receive, their pride, integrity and trustability (if that is a word) ranks higher in my book than the actual price or product. It may sound funny but it is something that has evolved with me over time.

I buy my base from WSP, it is not my fav base but I like the price & the variety & I love the company & service.

My fav base comes from Stephenson out of Canada but I have not found a supplier that carries the base that I want to have a long term buisness relationship with.

Columbus Foods has a good base too & it's very inexpensive. It comes in 24# blocks. They quite carrying base for a while but now that they are again, I may switch back to them.

...as for colors, I use food coloring for my transluscents & neon gels for my opaque. I try to streamilne, I only keep about 8 opaque colors on hand & the 4 food colors.
Hi there! :wink:

So far I've only gotten my bases from WSP http://wqww.wholesalesuppliesplus.com/S ... +Soap+Base and really like the quality of the base as well as the customer service. They ship super fast!

I've heard http://www.soaperschoice.com is good aswell, I haven't tried it out yet though.

As to coloring, I've only tried the ones you can get from 'Michael's' and food coloring, though the latter always seem to bleed for some reason :roll:

I'll be watching this thread to pick up any good hints myself! :wink:

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