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Aug 24, 2013
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Hi everyone! I'm new to soaping. I would like to try adding some color to my soaps. I have some micas, different colors. But I'm a little confused as to how much mica to mix with glycerin. And how much glycerin to use. I do 4lb batches and would like to start off with 2 colors. And do I need to take the glycerin into consideration when calculating the lye? Thank you for any help.
don't worry about the glycerin when calculating the lye. i can't answer your other questions, but slightly off topic, i like to add titanium dioxide first to the base color before splitting the batter. for some colors, such as purple, red.. it makes a great difference if you have a white base to begin with.
I'm definitely going to give the TD before adding colour a try. I tried to make some rose geranium and petitgrain scented soap this week, I coloured half of it with grape mica. I wanted a nice magenta/purple colour and it came out more brown/purple. Maybe my mica just wasn't suited to cp soap either.