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  1. T

    Strange spots showing up one week after soaping

    Does anyone know what these little spots in my soap are? They are translucent like glycerin rivers, but they only showed up a week after I cut my soap and they don't have the typical texture of glycerin rivers. The FO I used discolored my white soap to a light tan - could a FO do this to a...
  2. bat755

    INCI, oils and lye or saponified?

    Hello everyone, I'm new to the forum. I've been examining the labels of various soaps to gain a better grasp of their compositions. I'm curious about why, in some cases, I observe oils, water and sodium hydroxide listed as ingredients, whereas in others, I notice saponified oils without sodium...
  3. Elizabeth Griffin

    Little Raven here,

  4. S

    New to the Forum! Hello, questions on Clear M&P bases

    -Hey to anyone reading this and thanks. I recently started a journey to create a cosmetic product with my fiance. The product is a “soap brow”. -Im looking to make a hard soap that has a stickiness and sets dry when combined with a small amount of water. -the soap bases i have tried are...
  5. S

    Making pure glycerin

    Hi everyone! First time posting and I’m not sure if it’s even in the right place! Lol apologies if I am! I am relatively new to soap making but I am looking to extract pure glycerin from soap, like the kind of glycerin you buy to make your own glycerin soap from scratch mixed with alcohol etc...
  6. J

    My Version of LUSH Outback Mate Soap

    Hey, I am since few days about to work on my first Soap that looks like the Outback Mate Soap from Lush. There are couple of Tutorials about it, but nobody made it with Glycerin and Transparent like Lush. Because they changed some things about here recipe, I have to ask for your help. My...
  7. Tubby Tabby Soaps

    How do I separate glycerin/glycerol from CP soap?

    I'm hoping someone can help me out! I've been reading about "salting out" glycerin from soap and I wondered, once the soap is skimmed off the top, how does one separate the glycerin from the nasty stuff and salt and so on? Like, my understanding is that there's going to be impurities and such...
  8. saponizer2020

    Lye pocket or glycerin rivers?

    Hello, recently I made activated charcoal soaps scented with Vanilla FO, after I unmold and cut it I noticed some weird lines on the surface of the soap, are these lye pockets or glycerin rivers?
  9. Anstarx

    Separation or glycerin...lake?

    I made a batch of soap over the weekend and was surprised when I unmolded them- large translucent spot everywhere! I'm pretty sure I blended it all the way to a medium trace before I pour. I've never had separation for any batches I made before. Only thing I did different than usual is that I...
  10. lyschelw

    Gallon of Glycerin!

    Need a gallon of glycerin? Or maybe just 2oz? Or 550lbs! Well we have it! Made in the US 100% vegetable glycerin! Order a gallon and get a FREE 1oz Candle Cocoon FO. Good until Dec 3oth 2018. Just write your choice in the comments section and say you saw it on soapmakingforum!!!
  11. Q

    Amount of glycerin given in % for liquid soap

    Perhaps this question has been asked before,but in percentage ...How much glycerin compared to oils (or KOH) are advised to use ? I've read a dozen of GLS recipes on the web,but the amount of glycerin is varies a lot. (KOH+glycerin , the 50/50 metod , glycerin in oils etc). Hopefully someone can...
  12. KimT2au

    Can glycerin be used after it's use by date?

    I found a bottle of glycerin at the back of the cupboard today and it has gone past it's expiry date. It is in an amber bottle so I can't see what the contents look like. Is it possible to still use this for making soap? Kim
  13. C

    On the Chemistry of Liquid Soap Making Processes...

    Hello Soap Making Forum! This is my first post on the site (although I have been lurking in the shadows for some time now lol). I should start by saying what an excellent resource this site is for soap makers, with such detailed content and expert opinions. Great work everyone! :) I am a bit...
  14. A

    Can I masterbatch KOH + glycerin?

    I've been using the glycerin method, and I love how foolproof it's been for us! I'm wondering if I could just masterbatch a KOH+glycerine mixture (1:3 dilution). Has anyone tried it before? Do you know how long I can keep it for before something goes wrong with the solution? What kind of...
  15. L

    Questions before 1st liquid castille attempt

    Hi to everyone, After many hours of reading the liquid soap forum i think i'm ready to give it a try for my first liquid soap. I have many experience in cp soap bars, but this seems like a new world to me and i feel as anxious as my first cp attempt! :) I've read so many information, that i...
  16. imagineflagons

    Glycerin in shave soap

    Hi everyone, I've been lurking for a long while but this is my first post. I hope it's appropriate. I've noticed a lot of artisan shave soap makers have a relatively high level of glycerin in their recipes, i.e., they're high in their ingredients lists compared to other ingredients, oils...
  17. NaturallyYou

    Quick Question

    I am new to soap making and made my first batch from scratch. It turned out great! The only thing is, I don't like the time you have to wait inbetween making it and using it (so the lye becomes non-toxic.) So now im looking into making soap from straight glycerin instead of lye/oil mixtures...
  18. R

    salting or boil off glycerin?

    Hi all, I'm new to the soap making world and process. I'm trying to learn about removing the glycerin from the soapification process. I have read about "salting" or "boiling it off" both of the articles I have read have not been real specfic on detail. I will be making soap HP. Anyone that could...
  19. R

    Tooth soap

    Hey guys new to the forum, and new to the soap making world and process. First off Im a hobbyist in many different projects and thoroughly enjoy making my own projects. That being said Im currently in an en-devour on making an alternative toothpaste. I am using a soap making process to do so, I...
  20. F

    How do I add glycerin or goats milk to CP?

    Hi there. I've searched for a few threads on this subject but could not find a specific answer. My friend and I are going to make our first batch of soap soon. The only reason I'm helping is because I dont feel comfortable with her handling sodium hydroxide. From what I understand that crap...