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  1. Mobjack Bay

    Entry thread for SMF January 2023 Challenge – Pick a Color, Any Color

    This is the entry thread for the January 2023 SMF Challenge – Pick a Color, Any Color. As a reminder, this entry thread is for challenge photos only. Please post any comments to the general challenge thread, here. You are welcome to post more than one photo, but the photo for the voting survey...
  2. B

    magnesium carbonate hydroxide tetrahydrate (chalk)

    Hello, I was wondering if I could use magnesium carbonate hydroxide in order to make my cold process soaps whiter. Any insights? I have a lot of it, thus if it works I would rather use it than buy titanium dioxide. If I can try to use it, I know its water soluble but is it also oil soluble...
  3. I

    Questions About Oils: smell, color, shelf life

    I’d like to start a practical discussion about what certain oils that are common to soapers (on this forum atleast), but not common to all kitchens, should smell or look like so we can judge the quality of things we’re using but aren’t familiar with. I hope this isn’t too vague a topic to start...
  4. MrsZ

    Dyes, Micas, or Natural Colorants for Beginners?

    I apologize if this has already been covered. I tried searching and couldn't find what I was looking for. I would like to play around a little with simple swirls, or even solid color bars in my basic soap recipe. But, I have no idea what to use for Colorants. I've seen mica powders, liquid...
  5. Garden Gives Me Joy

    Bad behaved yellow. Yellow / brown to mask DOS?

    Why is the rich yellow color from annatto fading so strangely in S38? The color of both bars started out being homogenous and with the same intense yellow. (20% of oil was infused with annatto seeds at 1 g seeds to 1 g oil before seeds were strained off.) However, the color of S38 is fading in...
  6. Todd Ziegler

    Color disappeared

    Ok I did my first coloring of CP and it just disappeared. I used just a little over half a teaspoon of mica mixed with some of the oils I was using in the recipe but it just disappeared. I used a little sodium Lactate along with the recipe bellow and pumice. The soap looks just fine so far but...
  7. Wendy90292

    Diffusion of micas question

    You know how Ann Marie talks about diffusing X tsp of mica in X T of some kind of oils, often sweet almond? When I am using a NON-Brambleberry recipe, I don't know how to decide whether I should... Use a portion of the lightest oil already included in the recipe to dissolve Add a portion in a...
  8. J

    Testing Wax Melt Colors

    I am relatively new to making candles/wax melts. I was curious if there was a way to test colors without having to color a whole batch and potentially ruin it. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thank you
  9. V

    Incorporating flame colorant into candles

    I am trying to reverse engineer the process by which candles with colorfully burning flames (green, red, etc) are BEST made. What I mean specifically by best is that, having tested a few available products, I noted that quite often the result is underwhelming, with the colorful part of the flame...
  10. Travel Agency Promotional Picture

    Travel Agency Promotional Picture

    Amazing colors
  11. Autumnleigh93

    Bath bomb color help

    Hello, I currently make bath bombs using mica to color them and they turn out rock hard and perfect pretty much every time. I have been experimenting using different coloring agents to try to get a richer color in the bath without leaving residue on the tub. I use the same recipe but...
  12. S

    Helpp please - natural tinted lip balm problem

    Hello, I hope someone can help me. When I pour my tinted lip balm, it comes out all mottled in appearance....I'm looking for a smooth color. I infused coconut oil with beet powder and alkanet powders and used this infusion to get the color. Wax is candelilla. I pour into jars /...
  13. R

    How to differentiate soaps for testing

    I'm planning on making a number of different recipes and am planning on keeping the size & shape consistent for each. I need a way to differentiate the soaps without altering or "disrupting" the recipe. I was thinking of trying to color them somehow but I've never tried coloring soap other...
  14. U

    Adding clay to lye water?

    Hello! I've read about adding clay to the lye water to intensify the color. I was wondering though, would the clay absorb some of the lye, and then in turn make the clay itself lye-heavy? I'm not sure about the chemistry regarding this and am hoping someone here may know (so I don't...
  15. C

    Just labels (not printing) in custom color

    Hello, Has anyone used online label company just for blank label sheets on background color of our choice. We have local print company who will do printing but just looking for sheets of labels in color we want to go with. I checked with onlinelabels but they only sell in pre-determined...
  16. K

    Help with colors

    Hi everyone! I'm new to soaping. I would like to try adding some color to my soaps. I have some micas, different colors. But I'm a little confused as to how much mica to mix with glycerin. And how much glycerin to use. I do 4lb batches and would like to start off with 2 colors. And do I need to...