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  1. Josie

    Hello from London, UK

    Hi guys, I'm Josie, new to the website and semi-new to soaping. I've found lots of content on this site super useful and although I don't have much to share when it comes to advising because Lord knows I'm still learning, I will try to to get involved. A bit about my soaping experience -...
  2. deebop

    almond milk soap is sticky? day 3!

    Im kinda confused!! this is my 6th batch of soap. i've done goats milk, and water based. the other day i went to the store and couldn't find any fresh goats milk so i opted for almond milk (unsweetened) just to try it out. so i used the Lye calc on brambleberry. the usual amount of coconut oil...
  3. serene_caprine

    Goat Milk Soap... Colostrum

    Hi everyone! I have been hoping to make some goat milk soap for ages now and finally have some milk set aside for it. The milk I froze is from newly freshened goats (at least a week after kidding) and I know it has some colostrum in it. I'm wondering if this milk will react differently...
  4. S

    Thanks for accepting me into the group!

    Hello everyone! I just wanted to say hi, thank you for allowing me into the forum. I've been soaping for about two years, but have just begun selling. I'm taking it very slow because I still work full time. This really started as a hobby that kind of got on steroids really fast! Love soap making...