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  1. C

    Dehydrated goat milk

    Hi ya’all...newbie here. Has anyone dehydrated goat milk before? Is oily residue normal?
  2. serene_caprine

    Goat Milk Soap... Colostrum

    Hi everyone! I have been hoping to make some goat milk soap for ages now and finally have some milk set aside for it. The milk I froze is from newly freshened goats (at least a week after kidding) and I know it has some colostrum in it. I'm wondering if this milk will react differently...
  3. M

    Honey darkens goat milk soap

    Is there any trick to adding honey to my goat milk soap that will keep it from darkening the soap? It does lighten up some as it sets up but would like a lighter color bar. I use the honey with oatmeal.