Goat Milk and Butter Milk Powder Usage Rates?

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Jul 31, 2013
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Hello everyone, I've read a million different things on this topic and I'm still trying to decide what the best usage rate for these two powders is.

Can anyone here give me opinions on how much of these two powders to add at trace? I've heard everywhere from 1 tsp ppo to 1.5 oz per 8 oz water, to 5 percent of your ppo. I don't know about anyone else, but 5% of ppo is a TON in my book. Maybe it makes a fabulous soap, but holy expensive. If you are adding both powders does anyone here split the percentage between the two? I've done that, I'm still deciding. And has anyone else noticed overheating with a higher percentage of powdered milks?

Do any of you have opinions on lowest percentage to highest percentage rates?

BTW, I add mine in powder form at trace.
I use both and add what the containers say to use for regular milk. I add mine to the oils though after they have cooled since I soap around 85-90.

Goats is 1 cup I think per 3 cups of water. I just kinda use that as a guidance for each batch and chane as my water amount changes. I do the same for buttermilk.

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