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  1. J

    fragrances % question

    Hey guys, What do you do when a fragrance oil discolors the soap, but you want a white/light lets say swirl. Do you up the % of fragrance of the rest of the batter or simply reduce the amount of fragrance oil so the soap will have a milder smell? Thank you!
  2. P

    Designing your own soap recipe?

    Hello all :) I am a big soap newbie, but am having fun messing around with some simple recipes and other bath/body recipes for the moment. If I eventually start selling my products (which is the dream in a few years once I have more experience!) I don't want to be selling another soaper's...
  3. Cherry Pit Soap Works

    Goat Milk and Butter Milk Powder Usage Rates?

    Hello everyone, I've read a million different things on this topic and I'm still trying to decide what the best usage rate for these two powders is. Can anyone here give me opinions on how much of these two powders to add at trace? I've heard everywhere from 1 tsp ppo to 1.5 oz per 8 oz water...