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  1. I

    Beginners question including lye and overheating

    Hello all. My last batch of soap turned into a disaster and I was hoping to understand, learn and move on from it. Please do forgive for such basic questions, I have only just started recently. I used 468 grams coconut oil, 150 almond oil (sweet), 124 grams lye and 234 grams water after using...
  2. Arwen Falvey

    Overheating help!

    I'm not new to soap making (started in 1997) but I don't often make soaps with goat's milk in them. This particular batch I'm working on has Goat's milk and honey in it. I made the batch and all was well so I threw it in the freezer for 18 hours to make sure it didn't overheat and scald the...
  3. A

    First batch disaster

    Help! First ever batch, HP 300g coconut oil 44g lye (NaOH) 114g water First error - small batch hard to mix but ended up with what seemed to be a light to medium trace Used a Pyrex bowl over a saucepan to heat Mix basically looked like it was melting into a clear liquid no waves, no...
  4. C

    Pool of liquid in soap mold, Overheating

    I recently made a batch of coconut, olive oil, and aloe vera soap. I used two different types of coconut oil, one was virgin, unrefined and the other was expeller pressed; which together made up 60% of my oil in the batch (and I used an 8% superfat). I decreased the amount of liquid I mixed...
  5. S

    Overheated Honey and Oatmeal Soap

    I just made a honey and oatmeal soap and I believe it overheated ._. It was a pretty light orange color and then it started to get dark brown with slightly grey edges. I didn't put a lid on it. Is it still usable? How can I prevent overheating?
  6. Cherry Pit Soap Works

    Theory: Coconut oil makes soap hotter than normal?

    Hi everyone, I've recently bumped my coconut oil in my recipe, and added some avocado oil. The changes aren't huge, but I have been having overheating issues with almost every single batch. No volcano, but cracks, sometimes bigger and sometimes smaller. I quit insulating and still the problem is...
  7. Cherry Pit Soap Works

    Goat Milk and Butter Milk Powder Usage Rates?

    Hello everyone, I've read a million different things on this topic and I'm still trying to decide what the best usage rate for these two powders is. Can anyone here give me opinions on how much of these two powders to add at trace? I've heard everywhere from 1 tsp ppo to 1.5 oz per 8 oz water...