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May 6, 2015
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I love the scent of ginger. So in February of 2018 I did some tests, set the soaps on my curing rack and other than checking them every once in awhile, pretty much just left them. I was making room on the shelf and thought I'd share what I've found. Along with ginger FOs, I tested a couple of Green Teas both alone and blended with the gingers.

The FOs I tested were Sweet Cakes Green Tea, Sweet Cakes Ginger Essence, Majestic Mountain Sage Ginger, MMS Green Tea and Fragrance Buddy White Tea and Ginger.

FB White Tea and Ginger: No A or D. I've used this FO quite a bit because I do like it and it is perfectly well behaved. It isn't overloaded with the floral notes so many ginger/tea FOs seem to have. However, it consistently produces heavy ash and often takes longer to unmold. It's worth all that, and I will continue to use it. At two years, it still has a very light scent.

Sweet Cakes Green Tea: No A or D. At two years, there is virtually no scent remaining. This is also the only bar to have developed DOS. However, there was no DOS in the bars that had this FO blended with another.

MMS Green Tea: No A or D. At two years, very light scent remaining.

MMS Ginger: No A/D. A pretty true ginger root fragrance. At two years there is still noticeable scent.

Sweet Cakes Ginger Essence: Definitely accelerates/no D. This is a more complex ginger fragrance. In addition to ginger, I can smell citrus and maybe some florals. This is an Origins dupe, and one of my all time favorites. Noticeable scent at 2 years, and I took this one into the shower today.

For me, I will keep Ginger Essence and deal with the acceleration, or blend it with Green Tea or Ginger from MMS. Blending it 50:50 keeps the acceleration mostly under control.

My ginger FOs going forward will be SC Ginger Essence and MMS Ginger and MMS Green Tea to blend with it, and FB White Tea and Ginger.

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