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I like using Mist or Misty in the name. What about switching continents and thinking about Scotlan’s lochs? As far as the Great Lake, I connect Lake Erie to Ohio, and don’t remember any forestry areas. But I haven’t really visited other ‘sides’ of the lake and as you said, folks in NZ probably don’t have any experience with the Great Lakes. As a Minnesotan Lake Superior is a jewel and definitely forested. I think it’s safe to say all of the Great Lakes have at least some forestry areas.

Anyway, the soap is very pretty and your customers will love it.
I am in Ohio and live 5 minutes from Lake Erie, the water there is usually greenish/brown. Once in my life in the winter, it was the most beautiful blue I'd ever seen. Despite our beautiful beaches, the water usually is an ugly color LOL. ;)
And unfortunately, the majority of the shores are not in a forested/wooded area.

maybe something like Mountain Lake would work better for your soap name or woodland/forest names.
Thank you all for your input. I wish you all could smell it. I've just been sniffing it again and I definitely think it needs a 'forest' type name. Any 'water' names are not really giving the right olfactory image. SO I'm thinking along the lines of Alpine Forest (which helps to incorporate the blue tones in the soap) or Forest Mist.
Does it actually smell like petrichor? If not, I'd be disappointed by that name. Likewise, most well known bodies of water have a particular scent and if it's too far from that, then folks will be disappointed.

How about:
Water nymph
Forest stream / woodland stream
Glade pond
Quiet pool
Gentle ripples

For some reason I initially read GENTLE NIPPLES 😂

So no go on Petrichor or Lake Erie? I quite like Alpine Forest too thank you @AliOop

Petrichor reminds me of a petroleum company name. Too industrial sounding in my opinion.

Hi Soaping Buddies. I concocted this blend of FOs and EOs in an effort to create a 'woodsy' scent that wasn't too woodsy, but also fresh and appealing to all genders.
Used a combination of the FOs 1) Black Violet and Oakmoss, and 2) Lavender, Tea and Tonic, with EOs 1) Cedarwood and 2)Lemongrass.

I don't want Ocean names because i have a range of ocean-scented and themed soaps, and besides that it does not smell like an ocean or sea water or sea breeze.

I do want forest-y, green type names. Yes I know the colours are wrong but that's because i thought the teal blue would discolour to green, but of course it didn't lol.

I already asked all my fb followers and whittled it down to two possible names: Petrichor, or Lake Erie. Which of these two names do you like better? Or have you thought of something better still?

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EDIT: well, I just figured out the new name of one of my own new soaps LOL I am going to use some iteration of BOREALIS. Since I don't live in New Zealand, shouldn't be an issue :)


There are forests called BOREAL FORESTS. Northern hemisphere, which is related to many countries, including Scandinavian ones. About Boreal Forests'

There are also the Northern Lights, called the aurora borealis. The blue & the darker shade in your soap remind me of these lights. These lights are also associated with more northern countries, and the boreal forests.
Screen Shot 2024-01-23 at 2.20.02 AM.png
I love the colors and the design! If ok can you share generally what technique this is?

It reminds me of Japanese prints and could almost be half a mountain in snow.
I love the colors and the design! If ok can you share generally what technique this is?

It reminds me of Japanese prints and could almost be half a mountain in snow.
Thank you ☺️
The technique is called OPW (One Pot Wonder) you can search it on here - we had a challenge using this technique in 2022.
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I like the name Aoraki, myself. It sounds exotic to me, but maybe because I've never been to NZ.
Alpine Forest and Forest Mist have a soothing/relaxing vibe and we can all use more of that! So go with your gut, as you can smell it!
It is gorgeous by the way, wish you could send scents electronically. Then we could all bask in its scent and all sell more soap on the internet as well. Maybe someone here with a gifted techie child or grandchild could suggest they develop a way to send scents electronically. Surely there could be a way - I mean TVs were only in black and white in the beginning. So why not have a device that can pick up on a scent, that can then send a signal to another device that can then interpret and release that scent - think of the possibilities and applications! But I digress into the world of science fiction.
Now you need to make up a scent that will match that kind of ripple design because now I have ripples stuck in my head 😆
Maybe Gentle Ripples or Cool Ripples or Refreshing Ripples 🤔🤷🏼‍♀️😬
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