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Sep 19, 2011
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Southern California
The question is, has anyone sprinkled fresh nutmeg on top of their soap? I am not one for using botanicals on the outside of soaps, and do not like to sprinkle mica because it makes a messy soap.

I am making Eggnog Pumpkin Spice and would like a sprinkle of something on the top. I am going to make a light top layer to depict whip cream. No I am not going to pipe, just pour a light layer and mound it up. Just a side note I can never sell fancy piped soaps other than my daughter m&p during the holidays


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Apr 30, 2016
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Western Illinois, USA
We once used nutmeg in soap for my grandson at his insistence and his moms' approval (we were shopping together when he insisted he wanted nutmeg). He wanted something 'manly' and it was the only thing we could find that fit that bill at the time (we were in a small resort town during the off season with limited availability). It was a soaping project where both he and my granddaughter were making the soap, so they got to choose the additives.

He said it was 'fine' when he used it, but I never tried it myself, so cannot attest to that personally. Boys (well all teen-agers, really) can be very close-mouthed at times and since he chose it, I don't think he would have even told me if it wasn't satisfactory. It smelled good, as I recall.

I believe it is a bit of a stimulant so I was reluctant to put it into soap. But in oils, it is also used to reduce rheumatic pain so maybe it was soothing in some way, too. I don't really know.


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Sep 19, 2015
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Sth Coast, NSW, Australia
I just dusted some on top. It looks okay, but not sure I will do it again. I just really do not like stuff on top...
I did it with cinnamon, which I think is pretty similar to nutmeg. It was good as a line (or swirl) in the soap especially salt soap but still blows off a bit on top of the soap. But it is definitely better than "pieces" of stuff.

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