FO weeping/seepage issues...I've tried everything!


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Jan 9, 2016
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Hi all!

I am beating my head against the wall lately with seepage/weeping issues. I have been troubleshooting with one of the big wax/candle supply distributors and feel strongly that I have received sound advice. But still, I see issues with my latest batch and am remiss to understand.

The background:
GB444 Soy wax
8% FO load
8oz Jars
FO added at 185°-190° with a full 2 minute stir
Poured at 130°-135° (per mfg recommended)
Room temp 70° +/-

At this point, the only unique piece of information I can provide is that oil beads do not appear until after I've hit the tops with a heat gun. For the day or two they sit between pouring and heat gunning them, they show no signs of seepage. This seepage is also unique in that it does not happen immediatly after heat gunning, but rather a few hours later. Further it does not usually reabsorb when left at room temp. I also notice that there is no pattern to which candles weeping and which do not. Of a batch of 12, 3 might weep while the others remain perfect.

Other times when I have purposely tried to make them weep by leaving in a hot car, etc., the fragrance always reabsorbs.

So, my question is: has anyone else experienced this? If so, is the heat gun to blame? If not, other suggestions? I only use the heat gun because I pour into the neck of my jars which leaves some air pockets. Otherwise the tops are shiny and relatively smooth.


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