Favorite Holiday song?

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Dec 21, 2006
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Mine is Joan Jet's version of Little Drummer Boy (Yes, I am a product of the 80's :wink: ).

What's yours?
My kids beg me to go to Waffle house so they can play that on the juke box.-LOL! Didn't they make that into a move a few years back?
I love that song too, Dragon. :lol: Santa got ran over is a classic. 8) I like Faith Hill's "Where are you Christmas" from the Jim Carey movie The Grinch.

Paul.... :) :wink:
dragonfly princess said:
Um...........................its not santa got ran over!! Its grandma silly man!!!

Uhh hunn...I know for a fact Grandma stole Santa's sleigh and ran that jolly fat man over! I even saw tiny hoof marks in his forehead!
Now there is no such thing as Santa, but as for Grandma, I believe she is doing 5 to 10 for manslaughter! :lol:

Paul.... :wink:

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