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Mar 3, 2021
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Hello, everyone!

I wanted to first say hi before asking any questions in the forum :) I've already read some threads and am fascinated with the great community here! I am a fellow soapmaking newbie residing in the Netherlands. I discovered this passion of mine just recently and I am so excited to create my first soap with the CP method. I bulk-ordered basic tools and ingredients and now I'm impatiently waiting for them to arrive so I can start! :) Right now I'm trying to get a hold of the lye calculator (it looks so complicated.. ) and prepare my first recipe. I decided to firstly go with olive oil + coconut oil + shea butter and use some essential oil combo such as rosemary + bergamot + lavender. It's the most basic recipe I could find and adjust :) I'm a bit confused by the superfatting index too, but decided to go for 5% as I see this most often in recipes. Let's see what will happen after I create my first batch :)

Nice to meet you all! Are there any bloggers here? I'm looking for a soap recipe blog suitable for newbies, specializing in CP and palm-free soaps :)
Welcome! Besides the blogs that AMD recommended, you might try some of the YouTube channels that offer good basic soapmaking instruction:

SoapQueen (Brambleberry)
Soaping 101
I Dream in Soap

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