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  1. DianaMoon

    Replacing Palm Oil

    I do realize that this is a subject which has been nearly done to death, but I have a specific question that hasn't been addressed, so here goes. I'm using Soap Calc as my reference. I keyed in 100% palm oil, and got this. (cut & pasted bcos I can't insert images) Lauric 0 Myristic 1...
  2. GGWP

    EU-based CP newbie here :)

    Hello, everyone! I wanted to first say hi before asking any questions in the forum :) I've already read some threads and am fascinated with the great community here! I am a fellow soapmaking newbie residing in the Netherlands. I discovered this passion of mine just recently and I am so excited...
  3. aihrat

    Experimenting With Avocado Butter in Palm-Free Soap

    Hello! I'd like to share some information on avocado butter in palm-free recipes I've been experimenting with lately. I searched the forum and there were some people who were curious, but since this is usually an expensive oil it looks like people are encouraged to save it for other cosmetics...
  4. aihrat

    Kintsugi (Japanese ceramic repair) Soap

    I made some soap! I wanted it to look like soap that had been repaired with Japanese Kintsugi, so I cut the loaf into pieces and glued it back together with gold-coloured soap. This batch was scented with Tea Tree EO and a few drops of May Chang EO. The pictures can be clicked to enlarge...
  5. Dean

    Vegan Palm Free Soap

    Post your favorite vegan and palm-free recipe. Mine is here.