Does SL affect fragrance?

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Jul 24, 2014
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Encinitas, CA
Hey guys,

I routinely add SL to my soaps b/c I like to cut fast and it is supposed to boost lather a little. I recently came across a long thread on Dish about ingredients that people had tried and stopped using/continued to use, and several mentioned discontinuing use of SL b/c it lessened the strength of the fragrance. Has anyone noticed that when they use SL?
How interesting! I've never heard that or given thought to it. I add it to all my batches and haven't noticed a difference in strength of scent. But then again, I've used lots of new FO's so don't have a comparison. Maybe I should do an experiment....
If you test, would you let me know, Krista? I need to test out fragrance retention with both SL and CPOP, I use them both and they are both reputed to have effects on fragrance. If I ever get to it I will let you know, too!
I'll do that, not_ally! I just remembered I made several 1 lb test batches the other day and in one I forgot the SL. They're all a blend of Peak's Mary Jane FO (which really smells like the real deal, lol!) I'll pay close attention to them as they cure to see if that particular one is more "weedy" smelling than the others. I'll definitely keep you posted!