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  1. D

    Beginner Soap Maker

    Hi! First I want to say thank you to all of you who graciously answer questions because forums on this site have me the confidence and knowledge to start making soap. As with all things science, many factors play a part in the finished product and changing even one factor may result in a...
  2. Garden Gives Me Joy

    Can rebatching firm / harden soap?

    Can rebatching with the following ingredients (alone or in combination) harden soft soap, with little or no additional liquid or oil? Although already 1 year old, some of my old soap is still soft to the extent that a little force can be used to eventually mash it up at room temperature with a...
  3. Sony Sasankan

    Can Calcium Lactate be substituted for Sodium Lactate?

    Im wondering if anyone has any experience using Calcium Lactate in soap making (CP or HP). Does it break down to lactic acid like Sodium Lactate does?
  4. B

    adverse effects of sodium lactate?

    Hi all, I have been trying to find ways to harden-up my soap recipe without using palm oil or lard, so I recently made a batch with sodium lactate, which I'd never used. The soap got nice and hard, but there were a couple other changes. The top of the soap ended up having a strange cracked...
  5. I

    Sodium Lactate in soap

    Hi, I added sodium lactate and sodium citrate to my melt and pour base(hot process soap method). It turned out a little crumbly- I have read in other forums that this means that sodium lactate was a little extra thats why the crumbleness. Does extra sodium lactate also cause dry skin? I had read...
  6. I

    Adding Sodium Lactate to Melt and Pour Base

    Hi, Does anyone make transparent melt and pour base here? If yes have u tried adding sodium lactate to the base. Does it affect the clarity of the soap?
  7. F

    Help me with Shower gel please :)

    Hi, I would like to make my own shower gel recipe that has specific ingredients without all of the other nasty chemicals found in stor bought soaps. I specifically want to make shower gel/liquid soap and not bar soap since I don't like the thought of bacteria/mold growing on my soap overtime...
  8. GVKW

    Can Sodium Lactate be added to FOs during prep?

    I'm still just having the darnedest time remembering to add sodium lactate to my lye liquid before soaping. Before I waste a couple ounces of fragrance oils experimenting, does anyone know of issues/problems that may arise from adding SL to your FO during prep instead of waiting to stir it...
  9. Sar

    Harder Longer Lasting Bars

    Hi all, All my CP soaps have a lifespan of approximately 3 weeks when used properly and kept relatively dry between uses. I've tried adding salt water, sodium lactate, water discounting to no avail, not a noticeable improvement. I want the bars to be harder and long lasting. Any...
  10. GVKW

    Can Sodium Lactate be added to CP soap at light trace?

    I just tried a new recipe of my own devising for a coffee scented soap and (of course!), in the thick of things, I forgot to add the sodium lactate before combining my lye liquid and oils! I was at a very light trace when I realized my error and figured "aw, heck, what can it hurt?", so I put it...
  11. J

    Goats milk soap made my skin dry

    I am a new soapmaker, only a few months and i am making goats milk soap. My first batch dine two months ago were made with pure, fresh and raw milk using 100% coconut oil in 20% superfat. My water(milk)-lye ratio is 2:1. I add sodium lactate, only 1 tsp per 1kg oils. This batch of sosp is...
  12. K

    Lather booster for a foaming cleanser?

    Hi guys, I made a foaming cleanser with about 50/50 Castile soap and water, and added about 20% almond oil and 5% honey. I'm looking for an additive that can make the foam a bit more fluffy/dense? It's a rich foam but it kind of "melts" around the edges after you pump it out. Other than that...
  13. N

    Does SL affect fragrance?

    Hey guys, I routinely add SL to my soaps b/c I like to cut fast and it is supposed to boost lather a little. I recently came across a long thread on Dish about ingredients that people had tried and stopped using/continued to use, and several mentioned discontinuing use of SL b/c it lessened...
  14. shugohmk

    Help me understand the use of Sodium Lactate

    Hello. I think I've done enough research to find out about using SL to CP methods. One article stated using 1tsp per lb of oil. While another talked about percentage and discounting. Now, Here is my question or questions. Let's say I want to make a 2 lb soap (32oz) with 3% SL...
  15. F

    Stearic Acid vs. Sodium Lactate

    Looking at ordering one or the other - do you have a preference? What is the main difference between the two in terms of hardness, pros & cons? I have never used anything for a harder bar so would love a bit of insight between the two! Thanks guys!
  16. pacmarrin

    Hardening Soap

    I am new to this great hobby and am wondering if there is a preference between stearic acid and sodium lactate to make soap a bit harder? Thanks!
  17. LisaM

    ???? Super-Fatting ????

    Hi Ladies, I also had a question about super-fatting. (For hot-process soap) When you do up a recipe and say you want to superfat at 8% you list in all your oils, and the recipe will calculate how much water and lye and all amounts you need. Now, in that recipe does the calculator just figure...