Coconut charcoal vs hardwood charcoal in soap?

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Feb 24, 2022
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Hi CP-ers,

I am interested in making an activated charcoal facial soap. It seems like most suppliers offer hardwood-based charcoal, but I found at least one company that offers coconut-based charcoal. Is there any discernible difference between charcoal made from coconut vs charcoal made from hardwood? Do you use activated charcoal in soap and if so, do you have a preferred supplier?
Hello! I am no expert in charcoal soap, but did do some research back in the day when charcoal was starting to become more mainstream. Whatever activated charcoal I bought was from the local "health food" store. It was the only one they had designated for cosmetic use; they also had AC rated for ingestion.

From what I remember, and I will fully admit that there may be more current information, is that coconut AC is more sustainably made/sourced than hardwood AC.

Maybe this will bump your post and a more knowledgeable member could chime in.
The difference you want to look for is activated charcoal vs. charcoal.

Hardwood charcoal could be plain charcoal (not activated), unless it states otherwise.

I agree that activated charcoal made from coconut husks would be more sustainable than hardwood charcoal
(my personal preference is bamboo activated charcoal)

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