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  1. bat755

    Reverse engineering: Magnesium Carbonate

    Hi soapmakers, I’m trying to reverse engineer the soaps from a popular brand. The factor I want to replicate is the intensity and persistence of the fragrances. As far as I can read on the ingredients list they use EO to add scent. In this particular soap I read: Orange EO, Cedarwood EO...
  2. BrownRoseEssentials

    Reformulating MP recipe to CP recipe-Beginner Soaper!!

    Hello everyone! This is my first time posting on any type of soap thread, so I just want to say I am happy to have found a community to reach out to for help! I am open to all suggestions, thanks in advance! So, I am reformulating a best selling Turmeric & Vitamin C Beauty Bar (previously a...
  3. A

    Coconut charcoal vs hardwood charcoal in soap?

    Hi CP-ers, I am interested in making an activated charcoal facial soap. It seems like most suppliers offer hardwood-based charcoal, but I found at least one company that offers coconut-based charcoal. Is there any discernible difference between charcoal made from coconut vs charcoal made from...
  4. N

    White Fading Spots

    Hi soapmakers, I need help. I make cold processed soap with orange essential oil, buriti oil and seabukthorn oil. After two/ three weeks of curing my soap is starting to develop white fading spots that spread and end up fading the whole bar of soap. I use kaolin clay in my soap but that doesn't...
  5. bellisimo

    Hello I'm new in Soap Making Forum!

    Hello community, my nickname is Bello, I've been studying soap making for more than a year, but never made soap until a month ago. Currently, I'm focused on Liquid Soap. I've been able to make two batches with different recipes that I calculated out of my year of learning. The first one came...
  6. glendam

    Additives that look like stars in a Galaxy soap

    I am considering my options, any ideas appreciated. In the past I have used chopped white soap, but I would like a more uniform, smaller effect that goes throughout the soap. I have some stearic acid, in small flakes. I am wondering if that may work, if I keep temperature low enough so it does...