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  1. A

    Coconut charcoal vs hardwood charcoal in soap?

    Hi CP-ers, I am interested in making an activated charcoal facial soap. It seems like most suppliers offer hardwood-based charcoal, but I found at least one company that offers coconut-based charcoal. Is there any discernible difference between charcoal made from coconut vs charcoal made from...
  2. MellonFriend

    The Search for an Anti-Acne Soap

    Once I get some basic recipes under my belt, I would love to try and find a cold process soap to make for my sister who suffers from acne, face and body. She has loved charcoal soap in the past so I definitely want it to include charcoal, but other than that she doesn't really have any...
  3. Zing

    Using black colorants?

    Soapers, I want to make black soap but want to avoid black bubbles or 'bleeding' on washcloths. Researching charcoal and black oxide here makes me nervous. So I'm wondering about using half-strength charcoal and half-strength black oxide? Has anyone done that already? Any tips? Thanks!
  4. ShelbbyLeighh

    Charcoal Soap has chalky white film ?

    Hi guys, I made my first batch of cold process Charcoal Soap last night & when i had a look at it this morning, there’s kind of a white chalky film over the top. I sprayed it with 70% isopropyl alcohol 13 min after pouring into the mold. I’m sure it’s harmless but just would like to verify...
  5. Anstarx

    Lump o' Coal for the naughty ones (rebatch)

    This soap was made following Soap Queen Tutorial. (link) I made a batch of hideous loofah soap back in September. It was made with rice bran and honey. Lather and washes well but so hideous I refused to use them. Look at these hideous bars! So I left them alone and forgot about it. Later I...
  6. Anstarx

    Good ol' Charcoal n Gold

    A simple charcoal soap with hazelnut oil. I was hoping it to be a true black but it cures to a dark gray. Will try some black oxide next time. Heard it's really black. I was planing to do a column embed as in the moon but the pvc pipe I used was too small and impossible to unmold so I gave up...
  7. Salted Halloween Odyssey

    Salted Halloween Odyssey

    Hand cut salt bar (soap)
  8. Salted Intaglio In Charcoal And Zinc

    Salted Intaglio In Charcoal And Zinc

    Carved (halloween) salt bar Coloured with activated charcoal and BP grade zinc oxide. Created for the carved soap challenge, hosted by toxikon in Sept 2018
  9. soapythekid

    What Kind of Charcoal?

    Hello all, I'm making my first charcoal soap and I'm looking for charcoal powder. I live in Eastern Europe and options for buying 'soapmaking charcoal' from soapmaking supply shops are nonexistent. Here I can buy 'technical grade activated charcoal' which is used for air filters primarily. Can I...
  10. I

    Looking for a ache charcoal soap recipe

    Hi I am new to this group, and I was looking for a good ache charcoal soap recipe that does not have argan oil in it
  11. Creature


    Soap dough creature created for the February 2018 Soap Dough challenge Soleseife soap, coloured with activated charcoal, coffee and clays
  12. Creature


    Soap dough creature created for the February 2018 Soap Dough challenge Soleseife soap, coloured with activated charcoal, coffee and clays
  13. "Burnt Water"

    "Burnt Water"

    Charcoal soap, created using varying amounts of water to form seven gradient layers, shaped to show texture and finally polished with water.
  14. Flower


    Flower swirl
  15. T

    How much Activated Charcoal to use?

    Hi guys! I am wondering how much activated charcoal to use to colour my soap black but so as not to colour the lather. I have came across varying recommendations frm 1tsp ppo to 1tbsp ppo. Does anyone have any advise? Thanks!
  16. S

    Charcoal Face Soap & Gentle Exfoliant?

    Hi, Does anyone know how to get a gentle exfoliant in a charcoal face soap? I'm curious to see what my options could be. Thanks! S
  17. S

    Does all charcoal soap make grey lather and has black leave-behinds?

    I made soap with activated charcoal and to test it, the lather was grey and had some black charcoal powders being left in the sink. It was easily washed off but my concern is, is this normal? I haven't used charcoal soap before (store-bought ones) so I have no idea if the professionally made...
  18. ZandarKoad

    Charcoal Soap Pics

    Well here's the batch during cutting. It looks great, but I do think it will end up bleeding black all over. It's OK, all these are being given away as gifts. Hehehe! The more I read about it, the more I like Activated Charcoal.