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  1. W

    Charcoal hand soap scummy

    Hi gang, Has anyone got a solution to a charcoal liquid soap leaving soap scum on the inside of glass containers? I really want to use clear Boston round glass for my charcoal liquid soap because it looks rad as hell, but it looks a lot less rad when the bottle is half full and the inside of...
  2. A

    Coconut charcoal vs hardwood charcoal in soap?

    Hi CP-ers, I am interested in making an activated charcoal facial soap. It seems like most suppliers offer hardwood-based charcoal, but I found at least one company that offers coconut-based charcoal. Is there any discernible difference between charcoal made from coconut vs charcoal made from...
  3. elurah

    A groovy patchouli soap

    Here is a Dark Patchouli soap I made 5/1/2020 with a 6 color spin swirl: The colorant usage rate below: 1) White - no colorant, just the soap base (SAO, OO, Coconut, Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, Castor Oil) 2) Light Pink - Rose Clay 1/4 tsp ppo [ per pound of oils] 3) Dark pink - Rose Clay 1...
  4. HLN80

    Activated Charcoal

    Hello! I was wondering how much activated charcoal to add to a 2.5lb batch of CP soap in order to turn the whole thing black?
  5. S

    Does all charcoal soap make grey lather and has black leave-behinds?

    I made soap with activated charcoal and to test it, the lather was grey and had some black charcoal powders being left in the sink. It was easily washed off but my concern is, is this normal? I haven't used charcoal soap before (store-bought ones) so I have no idea if the professionally made...
  6. Ravenscourt Apothecary

    What Activated Charcoal Do You Use?

    Here's a question for everyone who makes soap with activated charcoal: what kind do you use? I purchased a blister of 10 tablets from ebay - the kind I am familiar with for using for food/alcohol poisoning/etc. I was in for a surprise. The batch I was making was *supposed* to go all black...