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Feb 22, 2013
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northern NY
I have been experimenting with liquid soaps for awhile and was wondering what the best way to clear up cloudy liquid soaps would be? I have a recipe that after dilution is crystal clear, but after adding certain FOs or EOs can get cloudy. What's best to use? I have used glycerin as a sequestering agent with minimal results. I know in Failor's book she mentions trying alcohol and a sugar solution as well. I was just wondering what works best for y'all.
Is that what you use lsg? The raspberry dimethicone? Even though my recipe isn't surfactant based? It's just a regular ol' KOH recipe. Willing to give it a try if it works! Does this hinder thickening? Thanks for your help!
I don't use it in my liquid soap, but I do love it in my surfactant-based shampoo. Makes my hair feel really good. I don't really know if it would work in your soap, just a guess. I probably wouldn't buy it just to try it for that.

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